Does my Company require an independent review?


Does my Company require an independent review?

Written by GAS Accounting
Written by GAS Accounting
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Today, we’re diving into the world of financial assurance with a topic that might sound a bit complex at first – Independent Reviews. Fear not! We promise to break it down into digestible bits, so you’ll walk away understanding how vital these reviews are for businesses like yours.

What is an Independent Review?

An Independent Review is a thorough examination of a company’s financial statements by an independent expert. Picture this expert as your financial guardian angel, ensuring that your financial records accurately represent your business’s true health. They’ll diligently scrutinize the numbers, cross-reference transactions, and check for any discrepancies.

Why is an Independent Review Important?

Trust is the Foundation: Trust is paramount in the business world. When you opt for an independent review, you’re showcasing your commitment to transparency and financial integrity. This fosters trust among stakeholders, including shareholders, creditors, and even potential investors.

Regulatory Compliance: As a responsible business owner, staying compliant with the law is non-negotiable. In many cases, regulatory bodies and the Companies Act mandate independent reviews, especially if your company is of public interest as determined by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

Uncover Hidden Issues: Even the most meticulous finance teams may miss occasional errors or fraudulent activities. An independent review helps catch these red flags early, preventing potential financial disasters.

Attracting Investors: Imagine you’re an investor looking to put your hard-earned money into a promising business. Wouldn’t you feel more confident investing in a company with a verified financial track record? An independent review enhances your credibility, attracting potential investors like bees to honey.

How Does It Differ from an Audit?

You might be wondering, “What sets an independent review apart from an audit?” Great question! An audit goes above and beyond an independent review. It involves a deep-dive into your company’s internal controls and supporting documents, leaving no stone unturned. While both offer valuable insights, an independent review provides limited assurance and is more cost-effective, making it a popular choice for private companies.

When is an Independent Review Required?

According to the South African Companies Act, a private company must undergo an independent review if its public interest score is 100 or more.

Furthermore, a company that is not managed by its owners may be subject to independent review if it compiles its financial statements internally and its Public Interest Score is less than 100.


In a nutshell, an independent review is like a financial health check-up for your business. It solidifies trust, ensures compliance, and helps you sleep better at night, knowing your finances are in safe hands. So, whether you’re a growing start-up or an established company, considering an independent review is a step in the right direction.

Remember, financial transparency is the key to unlock success, and independent reviews are your trusty guides on this journey. Choose wisely, and watch your business flourish with confidence!

If you want to learn more about the importance of financial assurance or need an independent review for your business, reach out to GAS Accounting today! We’re here to help you thrive in your financial endeavours.