Our Solutions

Welcome to the next generation of intelligent accounting solutions and services.

This is where you will find the digital, intelligent, data-driven service you want to redefine your business financials and your business future.

GAS Accounting has a ton of services. So many, that listing them here would break the internet. So, in line with our vision of making your life easier in every possible way, we’ve put them into four distinct categories: Digital and cloud services; tax and compliance services; payroll and employee management services; admin and management services.

Digital Accounting

Want real-time financial data at your fingertips and improved business control? Done.  Want cloud, digital and tech to power your business decision making? Partner with us. GAS cloud accounting uses best practice tech to deliver best practice accounting. 

We have the credentials. We know the ins and outs. Like magicians, we keep your business on the straight and narrow, manage all your tax submissions and ensure you are always compliant. You do your business, we’ll do ours, and together we’ll keep you compliant.

Pay your people on time. Ensure that your payroll is tax compliant. Hand over the admin. Save money on tax with intelligent insights. GAS ticks all these boxes manages your payroll and your admin and makes your life easier and your employees happier.

Move away from number crunching. We take you on a different journey, giving you visibility into your numbers so you can make important financial decisions based on solid data and insights. We help you plan for any future. Manage sales, collect money, improve profits and drive lead generation with our simple and smart online platform and solid accounting expertise.