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Why Us

GAS is changing the world of accounting. Experience digital accounting with experts who love what they do.

Real-Time Access

Anytime access to your financial information

Mobile App

Send quotations, invoices and receipts, from anywhere, anytime on any device


Automated debtor’s management – money in the bank, fast

Digital Receipts

Get rid of filing – take photos of your receipts, manage them in the cloud

Grow Fast

Clear, concise and beautiful reports at your fingertips, in seconds

Stunning Reports

Professional heavy lifting for reporting, automation, and collaboration

Our Solutions

Simple cloud accounting. Easy tax compliance and payroll. Best practice technology for business growth.

This is accounting with GAS. 

We give you the financial data you need to make the right business decisions. Here’s how…

Digital Accounting

Want real-time financial data at your fingertips and improved business control? Done.  Want cloud, digital and tech to power your business decision making? Partner with us. GAS cloud accounting uses best practice tech to deliver best practice accounting. 

Tax and Compliance

We have the credentials. We know the ins and outs. Like magicians, we keep your business on the straight and narrow, manage all your tax submissions and ensure you are always compliant. You do your business, we’ll do ours, and together we’ll keep you compliant.

Outsourced Payroll

Pay your people on time. Ensure that your payroll is tax compliant. Hand over the admin. Save money on tax with intelligent insights. GAS ticks all these boxes manages your payroll and your admin and makes your life easier and your employees happier.

Growth and Automation

Move away from number crunching. We take you on a different journey, giving you visibility into your numbers so you can make important financial decisions based on solid data and insights. We help you plan for any future. Manage sales, collect money, improve profits and drive lead generation with our simple and smart online platform and solid accounting expertise. 

Partners We Work With

Our Approach

Traditional accounting is seen as difficult, time consuming, and packed full of paperwork.

Traditional accounting is calculators, meetings and complicated ledgers.

GAS isn’t traditional.

GAS is easy, quick and light on paperwork. GAS is cloud, digital and data. GAS is insights, intelligent decision making and flexible capability. GAS is modern, agile and relevant.

Step 1

We have approachable and trusted people. We partner with you, we don’t throw costs, concerns and problems at you. We spend time with you to understand where you are in your accounting journey so we can manage your finances for a sustainable and profitable future.

Step 2

With your data we can do more than just your accounting, we can transform your processes, improve your admin and make your life easier. We will help you automate, transform and refine your finances, data and business.

Step 3

Our muscle-bound accounting teams and systems will take on the heavy lifting of your accounting, taxes, compliance and admin. Why do it yourself when we can do it for you? This is where we shine.

Step 4

Want to manage your data brilliantly? Want to ignite business growth but need more visibility? We’ve got the answer to these questions – yes you do, and yes, we can help you do it. Right now. We can take your data and transform it into insights today.

Client Feedback

With their cloud-based accounting solution, GAS transformed our business and gave me control of my finances. We can now invoice clients on the go, receive online payments immediately from our clients, and I always have full visibility of my businesses performance. Thank you GAS!

Young Indian businessman in the streets outdoors

Kabir Rana

Tailor me - CEO

Thanks to George, Glenys and the GAS accounting team for streamlining and revolutionising the way Event Bars conducts its business. Ever willing to help no matter how small or big the matter, the GAS accounting team are an integral part of the new way in which business is conducted for us. Very glad to have found them and couldn’t talk more highly of their professionalism and eagerness to help.

Business man thinking

Paul Ward

Event Liquor and Bars International Pty (Ltd) - CEO

Using technology and software, GAS streamlined our finance team and added value from day 1. Since partnering with GAS, we have achieved significant cost savings, have better compliance and a smoother accounting process. They are the finance partners we have been looking for.

Confident mature business man portrait

Anton Odendaal

Radley Private School - CEO

Client Feedback