bookkeeping [ boo k-kee-ping ]

  1. the collection and processing of business information (data) for reporting

accounting [ uh-koun-ting ]

  1. the interpretation of information to enhance business decision making



Our mission is to partner with businesses and help them obtain accurate and reliable business data to support decision making and growth.

Let’s unpack this…..

Bookkeeping is the process of compiling financial information. The “number crunching”. The numbers are used by management to make decisions for the growth of the business.

If your inputs into the system are garbage, then the information you receive from the system will be garbage, and the quality of the decisions you make will be garbage. 

At GAS Accounting, we don’t just provide you with accurate information; we help you understand the meaning behind the numbers to empower you to make smarter decisions and grow.



Our People

We recruit the top performers in their respective fields and develop them to become not only great accountants, but whole rounded and business-minded people.
Our people keep our clients safe in our hands.

Our Clients

We deliver real value to our clients by supporting their business growth as a finance partner in their business.
We collaborate, working together and always on standby to deliver value when needed the most.

Our Tech

We identify areas where tech can plug holes and create efficiencies for our clients.
Implementing technology creates efficiencies and saves costs.



  • You must be clear as to the reasons why you want to switch accountants. This is not an easy decision to make, but if you understand your WHY, then your investment will be worthwhile.
  • GAS will do all the leg work for you and make the switch as seamless as possible. We will handle data transfers, communications with previous accountants and stakeholders, compliance audits and the system conversions. We do, however keep you involved in the process so that you can learn and understand.
  • Gas was founded by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. We have walked the entrepreneurial journey and have celebrated both the joys and pains of business. Using our skills and experience, we partner with businesses to help them navigate the complex business landscape.
  • A collaboration between two entrepreneurial forces:
    • Raizcorp, one of Africa’s most successful business accelerators, responsible for the successful incubation of over 13,000 Businesses.
    • George Diab, a CA, entrepreneur, business owner and recognised speaker. In 2016, SAICA (the governing body of chartered accountants in SA) nominated him as one of the TOP 35 CA’s in the country.
  • With technology, we can do more with less. You have access to information faster; you can create efficiencies for yourself and be in control of your numbers.
  • GAS is the market leader when it comes to Cloud Accounting Technologies because we’re passionate about it.
  • Your information will always belong to you, and no accountant may withhold it, as long as your fees are paid up. Using cloud accounting software, the transfer of data back to you is done by the click of a button.
  • We will assign you a dedicated Growth Accountant who has the required industry-specific skills and experience to manage your account. Our Head of Accounting oversees the entire function to ensure a high-quality delivery according to the GAS standard.
  • All our people are available on their mobile phones, and via email, our turnaround time is an absolute maximum of 24 hours (we are usually much faster than that).

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Please take note that  we are still able to assist you during the lockdown as we are cloud accountants.